Lora Ksieniewicz

Martha's Vineyard, MA

Lora Ksieniewicz has been teaching yoga since 2006, and has studied meditation and asana practice for more than two decades. Her classes focus on functional movement and using the poses as a way to access our minds and emotions.

Lora holds a degree in Holistic Health at UMass Amherst, with a focus on the Kinesiology of Yoga. She studied the history and philosophy of Buddhism and Hinduism at Boston University, Antioch University, and at Mount Holyoke College. She spent several months at the Burmese Monastery in Bodh Gaya India, studying Buddhism both academically, and as a practitioner. She is honored to have studied vipassana meditation with the venerable Munindra-ji, Some of Lora's yoga teachers include Claire Este Mcdonald, Shiva Rea & Baron Baptiste. She has trained within the Sivananda Yoga tradition in the U.S, Bahamas & India.

Lora was the Director of Flexibility & Recovery for National Championship Amherst College Men'sSoccer and Puma Peak Performance Camps since 2010.

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