Trésor BAPRE


I worked like crazy to realize the dream of other people to realize one day that I would never realize mine this way.I knew hunger, poverty, jobs that no one wants, shame and despair but I never stopped fighting.Today I have 2 companies and I pilot the commercial activity of a 3rd.I am finally out of the spiral of unprofitable debts for real investments that pays.I share my energy, my passion and the lessons I learned from my failures and hardships with those who wish to change their lives and emancipate themselves financially.I have read hundreds of books, absorbed the knowledge of many recognized mentors and scoured the web and social networks in search of the best tips, advice and uses to share them in the most digestible and simple way for you.I'm on my way to this destination, which is you and me.7 billion people and only 2200 billionaires, there is room to reach the top and we are not willing to give it the means so move and us use my book.

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