Over de auteur

Viveca Koh
Blurb-gebruiker sinds april 2010
Naam Viveca Koh
Mijn website www.vivecakohphotography.com
Locatie London, United Kingdom
Geslacht Vrouw
Mijn beroep Photographer
Mijn biografie Viveca Koh ARPS is an entirely self-taught photographer, with a strong eye for overlooked details, and a special fascination with photographing abandoned buildings. In 2010 she was awarded a Licentiateship Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society, for a panel of ten photographs taken in an asylum. These images feature in the book Lost Asylum Sonnets, a poetic collaboration with Catherine Lupton. In 2011 she was proud to attain Associateship of the RPS with a panel of fifteen photographs, featured in the book 'Left Behind'.

She currently lives in London.


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