Over de auteur

Bruce Moyle
Blurb-gebruiker sinds augustus 2012
Naam Bruce Moyle
Mijn website http://www.joffrestreetproductions.com
Locatie Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Geslacht Man
Mijn beroep Media Producer
Mijn biografie Bruce Moyle can be called many things, but in reality he is a puzzle stuck together with gaffer tape. A media junkie of the first order. Bruce is a graduate of the University of Tasmania, a web designer, podcaster, new media producer, sound engineer, videographer and on occasion cosplay herder. When he isn't enriching his brain with a direct connection the the internet you can find him in a cinema or face stuck in a book.

Director of Joffre Street Productions (www.joffrestreetproductions.com), Bruce has created one of the longest running indy pop culture podcast in Australia, (Cool) Shite on the Tube (www.coolshite.net). He is also the technical director for the biggest pop culture event in Australia, Supanova (www.supanova.com.au). Between these fun gigs, he will be filming, recording, coding, advising and learning new and interesting things for his clients.