Over de auteur

Cathy Immordino
Blurb-gebruiker sinds mei 2008
Naam Cathy Immordino
Mijn website cimmordinophotography.com
Locatie Los Angeles, CA USA
Geslacht Vrouw
Mijn beroep Actress, Songwriter, Poet, Photographer
Mijn biografie Cathy Immordino grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis where she was exposed to the arts at an early age. Around the age of five, she was gifted a Polaroid instant camera to help occupy her time as her bones healed from a destructive car accident. That was when Cathy developed a keen eye for the arts and noticed the world around her differently. It wasn’t until after a career as an entertainer that Cathy considered her photography as more than just a hobby. In 2008, her first assignments were to photograph the nightlife of Los Angeles at places like the Playboy Mansion and stadiums turned into massive raves. Cathy grew out of photographing the nightlife as soon as she discovered fine art and the possibilities of digital manipulation. In 2009, Cathy began exhibiting her work in galleries and online exhibitions. Shortly after, she gained recognition from the International Photography Awards. As an emerging photographer, she is one of 160 L. A. photographers to be featured in MOPLA.

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