Over de auteur

Dolf Middelhoff
Blurb-gebruiker sinds juni 2011
Naam Dolf Middelhoff
Mijn website www.dolfkalenders.nl
Locatie Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Geslacht Man
Mijn beroep Photo|graphic designer
Mijn biografie After having been working as a graphic designer for almost thirty years, I retired into my hobby: photography. That ran a bit out of hand, as a result of which I started looking for means to have my photographic work published through exhibitions and books. Blurb gave me the opportunity I was looking for, photo books being more suitable for printing-on-demand than being printed in (large) quantities that eventually end up in second-hand bookstores.

Dingen die de hele wereld mag weten

Onthulling: Ik denk dat mijn volgende boek gaat over...
my travels along the Atlantic coasts of Europe (Portugal/Spain/France/Belgium/The Netherlands/Germany/Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Iceland/the Faroes, Shetland and Orkney/the Hebrides and Scotland/Ireland/Wales and England).
And maybe something about three islands of the Canaries (La Palma, Tenerife and la Gomera).
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