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chris vultaggio
Blurb-gebruiker sinds juli 2007
Naam chris vultaggio
Mijn website www.fotovult.com
Locatie New York
Geslacht Man
Mijn beroep Professional Photographer
Mijn biografie IF YOU’RE IN MOTION, you’d do well to be captured by Chris Vultaggio. From world-class athletes to whirling children, globe-trotting ex-presidents to pop stars, men who make the news to women so powerful they catch air and scale sheer cliffs – Chris captures them all with a unique mix of respect, simpatico and a sense of kinship.

THE KINSHIP comes from having photographed on 5 of the world’s 7 continents. Very little is “foreign” to Chris and few people fail to capture his interest – or his eye. Whether on assignment with the first President Bush in Korea and China…in the high hill country of South Africa…chasing pro athletes…backstage with Sonny Rollins or Jerry Seinfeld, Chris has the instincts to grab the perfect slice of time.

AS A SYMPATHETIC PHOTOGRAPHIC STORYTELLER, he is a careful portraitist of children and families. As a photojournalist, his pictures talk of our planet and the people who move the world. And as an artist, Chris can deliver with a style all his own.

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my longtime documentary work on the community that followed Phish around before the band broke up. A combination of my undergraduate thesis and 10 years of documentary photography, this is indeed my dream book. Now to get that scanner fired up...
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