Over de auteur

Gary McGovern
Blurb-gebruiker sinds mei 2010
Naam Gary McGovern
Mijn website www.garymcgovern.net
Locatie Dubai
Geslacht Man
Mijn beroep Designer
Mijn biografie Gary McGovern is an award winning creative designer and photographer that specialise in high end bespoke digital photography.

Gary works with clients in the corporate, cultural, travel and hospitality sectors. He's at home in the studio or on location.

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Onthulling: Ik denk dat mijn volgende boek gaat over...
'24hrs in Mumbai' - Shot on iphone with instagram.

Mumbai: one part Hollywood; six parts traffic; stir in half a dozen colonial relics; pour in six heaped cups of poverty; equal parts of mayhem and order; ancient bazaars as you have lying around; a handful of Hinduism; a dash of Islam; throw it all in a blender on high and presto: Mumbai.