Glenn Lee

Miami, Florida

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Author Book Signing (2006):
Barnes and Noble Booksellers
Pembroke Pines, Florida
•The Origin of the Forever Four

Written 6 screenplays: The Brick of Forever, Golden World, Forever Man, Battle Girl: Origin, The Waters of Woe, The Audition

(NEW!) The Waters of Woe, Forever Man: Epic Origin Novel, My Soul Forever.

Poetic Stories:
*The Origin of the Forever Four!
*The Forever Four! Clever! Clever! Meets Battle Girl and the Staff of Power!
*Somewhere! Over the Rainbow Clever! Clever!
*Clever! Clever! Somewhere! Over the Rainbow ...There's Always Faith & Hope!
*Clever! Clever! & the Land of Whatever.
*Clever! Clever! & the Book of Forever.
*Forever Man

Music Rap CD's:
*The Waters of Woe

*My Forever Man
*Clever Clever & the Land of Whatever (Song & Instrumental Versions)

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