Heavenlyleann Akers

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Hi, welcome to my website. 
My name is Heavenlyleann Akers, and I am a freelance makeup artist. 
I’ve been doing Makeup for 12 years. 
I am 24 years old, and I am also a drag entertainer. 
Along with all these things I am also a transgendered activist. 

Most importantly, I am a supporter of every human being on the planet

I have a high level of acceptance of people from every walk of life. 

My biggest passions are obviously makeup, but there’s more to me than just doing makeup, that I have a passion for on social media. 

I am also a self taught cinema-photographer, director & producer. 

So not only do I bring makeup tutorials to Youtube, I also bring horror and romantic stories to life through my film making. 

If you stick around, I can guarantee that you’ll be entertained with everything I can bring to you through my channel. 

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