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Omaha,NE, USA

So I guess you could say that Joe is my alter ego. A fun loving guy that enjoys coffee and craft beer. When you put the two together, then Joe's day has been made. Joe loves the story behind the scene when it comes to craft beer. The craft beer explosion over the last several years has been fun to follow. I enjoy finding a new brew to try. Beyond the great beers though, lies the incredible stories of the people who have started the craft breweries. I began a few years ago to take as many tours as I could with the breweries in Nebraska. Each occasion was so amazing learning more about the passion behind the craft. Some of the most fascinating conversations occurred with the owners and brew masters learning how they got started and where there journey has taken them.
I hope to share some of those experiences with you and along the way maybe talk about some of the things I have learned about the great beverages that are being brewed today. I hope you enjoy my books!



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