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Judy Ainger
Blurb-gebruiker sinds april 2012
Naam Judy Ainger
Mijn website http://www.vintagestreetdesigns.com
Locatie Arizona, United States
Geslacht Vrouw
Mijn beroep Author/Designer/Artist
Mijn biografie Judy Ainger was a successful Real Estate Agent for several years until the economic turn in the housing market. She and her husband David, Real Estate Broker, suddenly found themselves with no source of income. They lost their home, investment properties and almost all of their belongings. They went from earning $40,000 a week to accepting a job at just $11.50 an hour?
Read how God sustained them and how they are now living life completely debt free. Judy wants to share the news of hope with others so that they too can live free from debt. She is a native of Spokane Washington. Judy and her husband are now living in Arizona. They are blessed with four children and two beautiful grand-children.

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