Karen Stapley

Texas, US

Karen Stapley

Karen Stapley is English but was born in Brazil and has lived in six countries: Brazil, Argentina, America, England, South Africa and Greece. She moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to study journalism at the University of Southern California. Karen worked as a crime reporter in Barstow California.

In 2011, Karen made a career change. She decided to re-train as a Montessori teacher, after she discovered the philosophy of 'Peace through Education.'

Following training, she moved to Texas where was met Mr Marstachio at a Montessori school in Austin.

Karen is the proud mother of five-year-old Christian.

She now works at Community Montessori School, nestled in 18 acres and surrounded by chickens, guinea pigs - Oreo and Swirl, and an occasional cat visitor. She loves her job and working with children!