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Kenneth Allen Patrick
Blurb-gebruiker sinds februari 2007
Naam Kenneth Allen Patrick
Locatie Richmond, Kentucky
Geslacht Man
Mijn beroep Expressionist
Mijn biografie My early years were spent growing up in and around Athens, Kentucky, the last of 10 children. The emotions expressed in my books are of my personal trials and experiences. In addition, much of what I have written concerns the trials and experiences of people with whom I speak every day. I have found that empathy is one of my best tools in capturing what others are feeling and allows me to write to fit many needs.

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Onthulling: Ik denk dat mijn volgende boek gaat over...
I am undecided about my next book....whatever it is, my intention is to write more of the expressions that encourage and inspire others
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I challenge anyone to read my books , and entertain the possibility that you can or should change some of your behavior. It is surprising what positive thoughts and actions towards others will do for your self esteem!