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Costella handbags
Blurb-gebruiker sinds april 2011
Bedrijfsnaam Costella handbags
Zakelijke website www.costellahandbags.com
Locatie studio city
Zakelijk telefoonnummer 3232107566
Over mijn bedrijf Costella handbags are the creation and artwork of Brazilian designer and photographer Luciana Ellington. With an impeccable eye for design, color, and style, Luciana infuses elements of her personal lifestyle into her handbags. Growing up as a competitive skateboarder in Brazil, Luciana still finds the pastime an influence of her design; vibrant color palettes, much like those of the graffiti in the streets, and textures, whether in the fabrication or the hardware. Making the move to the United States has only broadened Luciana’s talent and gave her a new source of inspiration.
Costella handbags exude a sensibility for casualwear that easily makes the transition into high fashion. A strong believer that anything worn on the body should be intuitive to your lifestyle, you will find Costella handbags to be a direct reflection of Luciana’s passions. The Costella woman is edgy and confident with a unique taste for fashion and a keen sense of travel.
The handbags are now sold throughout the
Expertise handbags, fashion, handmade handbags

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