Monica Genta


Monica Genta has been in the field of education since 2009. She is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and has earned a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction and a Masters in Educational Leadership & Administration. She is a Nationally Board Certified master teacher. In asking what she teaches her response is "kids" but typically does so in a science classroom. Genta is extremely passionate about the 'hidden curriculum.' Her philosophy on education is focused not on what you teach kids, but how you reach them. She is a believer in the 'roots before fruits' concept in life development. Genta is full of energy, full of passion, and full of love for helping others on their journey in life and learning. In her free time, she enjoys long road trips, accomplishing new challenges, eating unique pizzas, and impromptu dance parties. She is pumped to share her life and experiences with you!

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