michel karam


Consultant, author and award-winning executive chef Michel Bou Karam is a veteran in his field, his love for food taking root in Lebanon when he was a child. Fascinated by its cultural significance, he spent his teenage years learning from two top European chefs in Italian kitchens, expanding his vision and enhancing his palate. As a young adult, his first foray into dining was for the military, where he trained cooks and created menus for over 1,500 officers daily. In 2001 he graduated from the Aajaltoun Academy and went on to hone his individual style and skill with multiple contracts, one of which involved acting as consultant for an international network of chefs, pastry chefs and sommelier from over 90 different countries. His work has earned him recognition and accolades from international gastronomy associations and food writers, one of which granted him a Best Chef in Bahrain Award.

Michel possesses an extensive knowledge of Italian,French,Lebanese and International cuisine

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