Martien Sleutjes

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

While studying history in Amsterdam, I started with photography. Mainly portraits of students and family and sometimes landscapes.
In the 80's I started with male photography in an improvised studio and from 1985 onwards the work was shown in exhibitions in cafe's and libraries.
After 13 exhibitions I decided in the 90's to go on only on web with an own website.
When I started working as webmaster for the website of Radio Netherlands Worldwide we had problems with getting image material. To promote the use of a digital camera's by journalist I started in 2000 a (work)daily column called Morning in Holland (Hollandse Ochtend).
Every morning in my own time on my way to work I make a picture in between Amsterdam and Hilversum (both in the province North Holland).
In the meantime I still make portraits, my first love.

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