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Aura Colour Therapy
Blurb-gebruiker sinds februari 2010
Bedrijfsnaam Aura Colour Therapy
Zakelijke website www.aurareading.com.au
Locatie Australia
Zakelijk telefoonnummer 0438110872
Over mijn bedrijf Omanisa is a naturopath, spiritual counsellor, healer and creative therapist who works in Darwin Australia, from her thriving home based clinic. Often booked weeks or months in advance, Omanisa is loved for her empathetic, creative, spiritual approach to healing. Omanisa works with clients throughout Australia via mediums such as skype, and runs regular workshops on topics such as meditation, spirit guides and sketching the aura.
Expertise Omanisa specialises in emotional and spiritual well being, using her extensive understanding of aura colours, personality and the energy field to diagnose and treat. Her treatments are primarily based on counselling, mindfulness training and psychic healing, with herbs, gem elixers, flower essences and colour therapy remedies occasionally used to support this process.
Professionele connecties Australian Natural Therapists Association
International Institute of Complimentary Therapies

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