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Paul Battjes
Blurb-gebruiker sinds juli 2010
Naam Paul Battjes
Mijn website www.caminococina.com
Locatie Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Geslacht Man
Mijn beroep Pretired
Mijn biografie Paul Battjes has been cooking since the age of 10. As a boy, he learned to cook by " peeking" into the kitchens of restaurants and cafes where he ate. Over the years, chefs and cooks around the world always welcomed his interest in their food. He has collected recipes from many foreign countries and cultures. Recently, he stepped down from a CEO position he held for almost 20 years with a large non-profit organization to walk the Camino de Santiago Trail in Spain. His journey took 2 months to complete but the experience will last a lifetime. Now Paul is spending his time living the lessons he learned on the Camino, primarily slowing down enough to enjoy each day at a time which includes writing about and preparing the fantastic food of Spain. He's also proud of his new title - CEO (Cookbook Editor and Organizer)

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