Over de auteur

Stewart Isbell Photography
Blurb-gebruiker sinds januari 2007
Bedrijfsnaam Stewart Isbell Photography
Zakelijke website http://www.stewartisbell.com
Locatie New York
Zakelijk telefoonnummer 917.693.3285
Over mijn bedrijf Stewart found his interest in photography at the young age of 15 while growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was always seen spending his time living in the darkroom, working on the yearbook or school newspaper. Those formative years solidified his goals of having career in photography.
A few years later, he loaded up and followed his dreams to New York City to study at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. There he recieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography back in 2001. He began to shoot commercial assingments early on during his second year in school and things have taken off from there.
These days Stewart finds himself living in Brooklyn with his wonderful wife Suzanne and little dog Sonya. His love has always been portraiture, but it's only a small portion of what has intrigued him about photography. The many personal projects he is always working on, mostly about his travels or life, always keeps him busy inbetween assignments.

Dingen die de hele wereld mag weten

Onthulling: Ik denk dat mijn volgende boek gaat over...
A book of old unknown odd family portraits.

A few personal travel books over the last few years.

Mini version of all the books I have out so far.

A photo book about a pink plastic flamingo that was stolen from my neighbor and traveled around the world with me for the last 17 years.

A book of my Journals from 1996 to the present.
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