Cora Simpich

11190 Old Pueblo Rd, Fountain, CO 80817
Over 2017 updates available. I love to share moments of history in a way that they can come alive to future generations! Hoping to do more books about my Simpich Doll family and my adventures with them. A kids book about Flopsy the new born calf is trying to make it into print and ebook versions. Second book published is about Wes and Julie Brewer's photos from Hanover area. It is only open by invitation to those who receive the evite unless Wes opens it to others. 2018-12 marked the first edition of Hanover Community Church book. Check with the author before purchasing and some of your photos of Hanover history may be added to it.

First Blurb Published book was just trying to share scanned photos of Eric Layton in a fun way that can be enjoyed on computer. I do not recommend purchase of this book because the resolution of some of the old pictures is not high enough.