It has been many years since I began the BLURB experience. It started at a Growth Group meeting in NSW where I saw a book on a coffee table and picked it up. This book was about a trip where these folks had gone on safari to Africa, taking many photos and wanted a record of this amazing journey for themselves to share with others: a revamp of the old photo album idea. This got me pondering. I had thousands of photos of places I had been and things I had seen, but I put the thought aside. Considering the germ had been sown, I checked out this self-publishing book company. Then my journey began, with two aims, to show God in His Creation and to encourage another by my Notebooks with a quote from Dr Charles Haddon Spurgeon, plus my written poem to reflect it, if possible. Not only that, on occasions, some of these Notebooks were trips I had with friends, of their gardens, or places I had been to. By the end of 2018 it will be six years since I started and I am STILL loving it!

Boeken door Lydia