Bill Abramson

Swannanoa, North Carolina

Raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, last in my elementary school graduating class, third in my H.S graduating class ... Mom told me to straighten out ... , went to some universities and received some degrees. Joined the Navy. Got out and went to work for Grumman helping to design military planes for the Navy. Pioneered some really neat computer technology. Met some really nice people all over this world and made some great friends :) I married the greatest woman in the world. I have the greatest son and daughter. I have a really great daughter-in-law and two absolutely fantastic grandkids.I thank the good Lord each morning for giving me another day in spite of the less good things that I have done.The photographs that I take are to remind me of the glorious experiences on which my brain and eyes collaborated. I hope you can see what I saw.

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