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Lookbook Press
Blurb-gebruiker sinds september 2007
Bedrijfsnaam Lookbook Press
Zakelijke website http://www.lookbookpress.com
Locatie Seattle, Washington
Zakelijk telefoonnummer 206-854-1148
Over mijn bedrijf For that important book you are contemplating, take no chances. We are experts at creating beautiful books efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Delivered to you on time.

Many of our clients start out with the idea of making their own book, but just become overwhelmed. If this is you, not to worry. We’ll pick up where you left off, and probably be able to make up for some lost time. We have had wonderful success using Blurb’s new PDF to Book option. Give us a try!

For details visit us at www.lookbookpress.com

Note from a recent client:
William did everything in his power to make both his services, printing and other costs work within my budget, while trying to avoid any compromise in the beauty or quality of the product. I would heartily recommend William Hoard to anyone who wants to make his or her dream book a reality.
~ Lloyd Goldstein CMP, CYT
Expertise Book design and production, including scanning, color correction and digital restoration. Highly efficient work-flow using professional level software, including PhotoShop and InDesign.

We specialize in:
Portfolios, Travel books, One-to-one marketing books, and of course family books and special events of all kinds.

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