W. Blaine Pennington

Washington, DC suburbs, USA

I’m a life-long photographer; art, commercial, documentary, editorial.
Originally from Austin, TX I’m currently a visual artist working in the Washington, DC area on personal projects involving persons, places, things and long time ongoing thematic series.

"I've loved making pictures since I was 4 with a box brownie, privately and commercially in all formats in film and digital. I've made portraits, created feature film stills, created studio product and still-life images, and captured architectural interiors and exteriors.

I've taught workshops, and long studied the art, history and craft of photography. I've shot for publications, corporations, architects and designers and mounted exhibitions of my work and others. I love LIGHT and every aspect of photography from snapshot to fine art. Like most photographers, my favorite thing is just making images for myself, but sharing and collaboration is fun too."

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