Jason Thompson

philadelphia, pa, USA

Child of the 80's. Jersey Boy. Art School Kid.

I am a rough man with dignified manners.

I did the dot-com thing the first time around. Now I'm doing it a second time.

I traveled the country for 10 years.

Once in a while I mix things up by making bad choices. But I think I'm ok now.

Currently in Philly, I'm seeking my Bachelor's in Theatre Design. Then I'm going to get my Master's in Museum Exhibition.

My career goal is to open a museum. My life goal is to be a good person.

I know a few stupid human tricks.

Shiva is my goddess, and I believe all things serve the beam.

If I cannot lead by example, I will serve as a horrible warning.

Nonsense is our salvation.

I'm a gracefully aging dharma punk, a morbid romantic, a warrior poet, an egomaniac with a low self-esteem, and the most beautiful monster you'll ever meet.

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