Malcolm Leroyce

Aiken, SC

Mr. Leroyce, was born in the small city of Aiken, South Carolina, in 1980, an area known for it's retirement community, seeking a slower life. Yes, an 80's baby. He was the middle child of five, raised by a single mom in a single parent household, in what society called "the projects."

Mr. Leroyce, grew up in poverty for a couple of decades which only made him stronger. Coming from a community full of unfit ways, gave him the insight to be "better than," once grown. Inspired by "Street Knowledge," though textbook smart too, is what gave him his natural style to shine.

With the greatest decision he ever made, he decided to "Each One, Reach One, Teach One," through one of his favorite talents; poetry. Through it, he was enlightened to be enlightened consistently, throughout the good and the bad times, no matter what it took or continues to take for him to do that. With his positive aim, yet foggy past, he boldly stands for change with great passion, bringing it to you raw and uncut, as

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