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Are you a dude? If you haven't yet read this book, then you probably couldn't even recognize the first signs. This Year in Dude 2011 is your number one pocket sized resource for all things DUDE. Just like you would put your ear to the ground to detect an incoming buffalo stampede, use this guide to resolve your curiosity as to what it means to be a dude.

This compact edition will become a great addition to your most holy bathroom sanctuary. Use this guide whenever you need a break from reality, and especially when you need to find your true Dude center.

Now flip to the front of this book, unpinch that loaf, and get ready to experience This Year in Dude: 2011.


Over de auteur

ThisWeek InDude
TWID Falls Church, VA, USA

Datum van publicatie  05 apr 2011

Afmetingen  Trade-formaat  98 pags Zwart-wit afdrukken (op crèmekleurig ongecoat papier)

Categorie  Humor

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