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Only one person at the Japanese-American Internment Camp knew in advance that he would be living in the Arizona desert. He felt prepared for this experience. He wasn't.
He wasn't prepared to fall in love, either.


Over de auteur

Sandy Kinnee
blamethemuse Colorado Springs, CO
Sandy Kinnee is best known for his work on shaped, handmade paper. His work in in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, Brooklyn Art Museum, Museum of New Mexico, Phoenix Art Museum, University of Michigan Art Museum, New Britain Museum of American Art, and many private and public collections. Part of each year he spends in France, where he writes and takes photographs. This series of books assembles the poems, short stories and photography into the themes that have gained critical mass over the years.

Datum van publicatie  22 apr 2012

Afmetingen  Klein vierkant  86 pags Kwaliteitspapier, matte afwerking

Categorie  Schone kunsten


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