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Welcome. Enter. Supernatural Realm Life Awaits!

How often do we hear Christians quote Scripture Book, Chapter, Verse, but miss it every time when the moment presents itself to put it into practice? The surrendered life of Christ Jesus prepared by The Holy Spirit makes you keenly aware of each visitation.

Do not miss the moment. Praying in the Spirit does not cease when sleep overtakes you or tiredness seeks to break you. That is the time to remember "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world," as the Lord has said.

Do you sleep with pen and paper nearby? Do you know the difference between your thoughts and those that are far beyond your imagination? Spiritual Realm life is knowing that you know something you could not know except the Lord revealed it.

Our classroom begins before we enter the earth realm. At the Throne Room of God, round about that Throne of Glory, God tucks into our hearts His whispers to our spirit before He sends us down the streams of time. And in His own due season, He meets up with us on this side of the River and reminds us. Have you had your reminder?

Praying all of the Lord's blessed assurance. God bless you!

Rev. LED Dowell
Five-Fold Minister


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Rev. LED Dowell
clergywomen USA
Christian Ministerial Advocate for Clergywomen and Laity Community and Political Activist Published Writer Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Godmother Friend

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