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Victoria Pheasey
Blurb-gebruiker sinds oktober 2012
Naam Victoria Pheasey
Mijn website twitter.com/CityStreets_
Locatie Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Geslacht Vrouw
Mijn biografie Writing, Singing, Dancing and Acting - I'm a walking cliché...

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The 'City Streets' trilogy delivers a piece full of heart, raw emotion and characters you will be rooting for until the very end. Set over a four-year-span, 'City Streets' takes you on a journey full of twists which will keep you hooked throughout the series.
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Music helps me create the characters you meet in my novels. It helps me immerse myself in places that I have never been, nor can ever get to. I can advise any author to purchase a Miles Davis collection - they are fantastic to lose yourself in and they truly help me get into a zone where I feel I can really excel within writing.