James W. Falcon

Baltimore, MD

James Wayne Falcon was born, raised, and currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. James is the product of a strong, family centered, North & South Carolinian values-based upbringing. The lessons learned from his interactions with his parents and with his brother would serve as the basis for many of James’ endeavors. Because verbal expression was so strongly encouraged in the Falcon home, James could not help but develop a passion for speaking and writing.

James is the founder of a collection of encouragement based projects gathered under a single heading called Encouragement Is Key. Wherever, whenever, and however encouragement can be conveyed, James is committed to using that method to help others.

James holds an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. For more on James W. Falcon and Encouragement Is Key visit: http://encouragementiskey.blogspot.com/

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