Peter Lister

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Peter was born and grew up, in and around Sydney. He has had a varied and interesting life, mostly centred around the natural sciences, and has worked in science in tertiary education for more than thirty years. A recent career path change reflects his diversions into history.

Peter has worked at what used to be Hawkesbury Agricultural College since 1989.

His interests in botany and languages melded in his research in eastern Arnhem Land. He holds postgraduate qualifications in both Horticulture, and Aboriginal Culture and Languages.

'ANZHAC' was his first book (although he published other material prior). 'We are the Dead ...' is his second book and supplements ANZHAC. His latest and final book is a facsimile of a work intended to be published in the late 1920s but the author, Charles T Musson, botanist at Hawkesbury Ag College, but died before it could go to press.

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