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Elaine Wilson
Blurb-gebruiker sinds juli 2011
Naam Elaine Wilson
Mijn website yola.com
Locatie New Cumberland, PA, USA
Geslacht Vrouw
Mijn beroep professional speaker, artist, author
Mijn biografie My background is art-related ... degrees, vocations, avocations, happiest times. So, using my writing and photography talents to produce books about art, artists, inspirational concepts, and history gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. My web site lists the topics I currently lecture on to groups of all sizes and in many different parts of the world. Take a look!

Dingen die de hele wereld mag weten

Onthulling: Ik denk dat mijn volgende boek gaat over...
15 in the series...... The Art of God's Message .... all finished! That project was a ton of work
My next book might be my mother's favorite recipes. I will share the recipes, and make each one and photograph it for the book .... including some of my favorite family china, crystal, table cloths, etc. Might be a while before that one gets done.... but, it is in the planning stage. Also, my favorite photos from all over the world.... that would be fun to do!