Maria Tzoutzopoulou

Athens, Greece

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I have always enjoyed the exploration of different forms of art. To combine my strong passion for the arts with my belief in an orderly world, I studied civil engineering.
When my son was born, my love for writing and the daily reading of children’s books to him inspired me to write my first book.
“The Great Journey” published in Greek and English, introduces the concept of international trade to children.
Published in English and available in two unique covers, “En Route” is my second book. It is a story about life's journeys.
“At This Time of the Year” is my third book, published in English. It is a beautifully illustrated Christmas story.
“Instants of Mine” is my first published photo book containing photos from my Instagram account: @mariatzoutzopoulou.
“Something like” is my fifth book, published in English, and it is my endeavor to spin the words, like the threads of a delicate fabric, to weave something like poetry, something like silk.

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