Over de auteur

Therese (Renia) Romer
Blurb-gebruiker sinds juli 2011
Naam Therese (Renia) Romer
Locatie Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Geslacht Vrouw
Mijn beroep Former international conference interpreter (AIIC)
Mijn biografie Therese Romer is a Montreal-based linguist, photographer, and guerrilla gardener. Her books are experiments in combining few words with many pictures. She has previously published in French and Polish as well as in English.

Dingen die de hele wereld mag weten

Onthulling: Ik denk dat mijn volgende boek gaat over...
the historic house with its riverside garden in Saint-Eustache, north of Montreal, where I lived and worked from 1972 through the turn of the century.