Afroditi Mavroeidi


Afroditi Mavroeidi was born in Athens and raised in Crete, Greece. She is an amateur photographer. She has succesfully participated at several international photography contests and exhibitions all over
the world under patronage of FIAP and PSA among others. For her
images, she's got acceptances, won one praise and one honorable
mention and one salon plaque and her work has published in Europe (so far in Finland, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium and Greece) and in Asia (China and Quatar). Her creations have been published in magazines and in the illustrated or digital catalogues of the contests in wich she has participated. She is specialised in architecture and urban photography and she is extremely familiar with editing software. Her work "OAKA" was shortlisted in the Amateur Category SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2010.

Boeken door Afroditi Mavroeidi