Leila Waller

Pensacola, Florida

When trying to decide on a title for this book I knew I wanted it to be titled "A Whisk in Thyme". But not just as a "Personal Chef". I wanted it to be more. Who am I? Yes, Personal Chef but also include my other passions of travel, food, photography, artist, avid reader of historical fiction, home decor, cooking, baking. I thank my Mom and Dad for instilling in me a curiosity because without that I would not be whom I am today. With my mother being from Belgium and still having family in Belgium I have stayed connected to them and their many friends. Having lived in France and Belgium for my first 25 years, friendships have developed and stayed through all these 41 years. Of course maybe my path might have been different if I hadn't met my husband, Ed, in Belgium at Nato/Shape Headquarters. Our paths were meant to be crossed. We both took the road less traveled. What a blessing! The journey still continues with new discoveries and new friendships.

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