Gonzalo Benard

Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris

Portuguese born, Gonzalo W. Bénard has been living between Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris. Doing his live as artist photographer and writer, he has his works being lectured in several universities around the globe, with more than 40 exhibitions around the world, with his artworks in great art collections, private and public, from Sir Elton John to Museum of Serralves, Porto, and often featured in the main magazines like Eyemazing or published in Thames & Hudson.

Gonzalo W. Bénard is HFA and has been tutor and teacher, storyteller and art curator. He was raised in a deep historical and cultural environment with his multiple European roots. He soon developed his taste and skills in writing, painting, photography, drawing and cooking. Natural healer and spiritual medium he’s a shaman who studied with masters in Africa and in the high mountains of Tibet for several years often required or invited as so.

Boeken door Gonzalo Benard