New Jersey

VIBES100 mission is to encourage artists to be their authentic selves
Vibes100 offers promotional services through our magazine and social media platforms to artists from many artistic outlets like music, art, fashion, and more. We offer a platform to youth and young adults to be themselves and artistic; broadening their audience organically. Vibes100 is unique because we do not promote artists based on views and popularity like a lot of media outlets but purely on talent, individuality, and passion. Also a lot of us on the Vibes100 team are artist so we can relate to a lot of the struggles artists endure. Through our magazine, there is a opportunity for everyone to shine from independent to mainstream.
Energy Undisturbed is our motto. It means to "allow no one to interrupt your vibe/peace with negative energy that doesn't allow you to grow as a person or your talent."


Photography, Advertising

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