Kim Ramsey

St. Augustine, FL

As a young child, I felt close to God when exploring nature. Woodland adventures and rocking in a hammock under a canopy of trees, I sensed being at home cradled by Spirit and nurtured by the Beauty all around me.

Years later, my walks are treasured memories of witnessing the Sacred in our everyday lives. With my smartphone's simplicity and availability, I've discovered the joy of capturing those spontaneous moments when my heart sees the magic of life. Silenced by wonder, inspiration emerges with poetic wisdom and music gifts to be shared to uplift and empower us all to remember the strength and Beauty of our divine nature.  

After years of deep, soulful inquiry into who I am and why I am here, I've discovered the answers lie within and excavating the truth that's been present all along. We are on an evolutionary sojourn of remembering what we've forgotten and embracing each other in soulful recognition.

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