Rachel Evans


Hello! I'm a Graphic Designer based in Michigan. I will graduate from Eastern Michigan University this month with my BFA in Graphic Design. Feel free to connect with me or reach out if you have any questions!

Portfolio: https://rachelart.myportfolio.com/
Email: gd.rachelevans@gmail.com

This year is Eastern Michigan University's 175th anniversary! I'm delighted to announce the debut of my EMU Archive Photo Book, a mesmerizing historic book now accessible for purchase. You can find it on both Blurb and Amazon. Your choice to purchase through Blurb would be greatly valued, as it offers me better profit margins.

Options Available:
-Hardcover book through Blurb
-Softcover book through Blurb
-Instant download PDF through Blurb
-Hardcover book through Amazon
-Softcover book through Amazon

Explore the listings below to discover the various options. I appreciate your interest in my EMU Archive Photo Book!