Sebastian Joseph

Denver, Colorado

Sebastian Joseph is a debut author in his first book The Cosmosis: How The Metaphysical and Physical Merge. Having attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, he studied Horticulture and Philosophy. Initially having the intent of receiving his bachelors degree in only Horticulture, he took Philosophy courses as general electives which in turn provoked his innate interest in Philosophical concepts and their applications. This led to declaring Philosophy as a minor to complement the Horticulture degree, eventually turning into declaring Philosophy as a major with the intent of receiving a bachelors degree in this field as well. Due to financial constraints, he was only able to achieve associates degrees in both fields. Despite this, Sebastian decided to further pursue education and the application of concepts by attending to his knowing that one day he was going to write a book. The Cosmosis is his first work, with more works on the way.

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