Sydney, Australia

Andrew G. Taylor is a Sydney-based filmmaker and photographer. He has worked in and across different forms of drama, documentary, commercials and animation. Taylor’s film work has won awards and been screened at prestigious festivals including Melbourne, Edinburgh, Saõ Paulo, Oberhausen and Vladivostok film festivals. In 2010, Taylor’s film Siberia was selected as part of H’ors Piste, an internationally curated screening event at the Pompidou Centre (Paris).

Taylor’s photo-essay films, Siberia (2008) and First Person Kodachrome (2014) are made from partially animated still images and reflect Taylor’s exploration of hybrid still / moving forms – work occupying a space between cinematography and photography. Another work in this vein is ‘The Past is Foreign Country’ (2022), a series of nine photo books, each one reading like a short poetic film without a soundtrack.

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