Daniel Hooks

City or County, Country

It is not my name that is important rather my identity. I was always the outsider growing up observing people and my surroundings I developed eyes for vision and a mind that sought out lyrics and metaphors for music I heard in my mind.

The mind is a beautiful and terrible thing and I sought to write poetry as a way of silencing demons that I have carried with me since I went through psychosis (a painful breakdown when I was 16 years old). Poetry was an outlet and also something much more it gave me a purpose, as each poem is a piece of art and can be performed in front of an audience. Soon I discovered it connected me to people much more deeply and gave words to how people felt and helped them understand what I had gone through and still go through on a deeper level.

Poetry tells a story, captures a moment in very few words and it joins the dots very well. Creating moments in time and stories and phrases that will never die.

Boeken door Daniel Hooks