J D Poore

Springville, Indiana, USA

Born and raised in Indiana, I love nature and being outdoors. My writing is inspired by a lot of biblical questions that people want answers to, also events happening around us and how scripture can be applied to some of these events. My goal is to be a full time writer and it is my hope that my writing will encourage others and bring Gods people closer together. I started seriously writing a few years ago. Going through tough times I would wake up in the morning and pray before I got out of bed and would immediately start writing things down as they came to me. As time went on I couldn't stop writing, within a few years I've written 6 books 4 of which are published 2 which are not yet. Please check out my latest book titled Hungry, for those who are hungry for the word of God. This book walks you through the book of Revelation step by step, by meditating on His words I was inspired to write this book for you who are seriously seeking direction through the book of Revelation.

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