Ginny Walden Art

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am a contemporary professional Artist with my own Studio Gallery in Santa Fe New Mexico, currently exhibiting my 50 year Retrospective from 1973 to 2023. My 100 artworks include sculptures (stone,bronze,wood and mixed media) ink drawings, pastels, monoprints and paintings. I currently sell my artwork at my gallery and also carve Spirit Commissions in stone or wood by request.
I am a medium in fine art. I discovered that 85% of my artwork is accurately remote viewing the true history of our ancient Human Origins. In 2013 (3) different psychics in Hawaii who saw my art, told me I am creating the Art of the Future and was 20 years ahead of my time.

I am currently making photo books of these artworks to document this unusual journey over the past 50 years..One photo book is available on Blurb (The Spirit Drawings Volume 1) of Guardians and Spirits, each one manifesting in less than a minute while drawing quickly with a chunk of charcoal with my eyes closed. An unexplainable mystery!


Blurb Book CANCER GONE! documents my spontaneous healing from terminal breast cancer in 1998. I became a CHI-LEL Master Teacher, one of only 5 in the Western hemisphere, studied with 7 masters in China, with now (2023) 25 years of teaching experience in the Hawaiian Islands and Santa Fe,NM

Artist/ (3) kinds of artworks 1) Story Portraits 2) Figurative sculpture, pastels of Ravens, and Hawaii scenes 3) Mystical drawings, paintings,sculptures / remote viewing of lost history.of our Human Origins

Professionele connecties

CHI-LEL QIGONG Master Teacher Levels 1 and 2, 25 years of teaching, as of 2023..

My spontaneous cancer healing story, "Olympic Heart", published in Life Lessons for Loving the Way You Live by Jennifer Hawthorne, in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

SCULPTURE COMMISSION, Do You Believe in Angels (marble), at The Museum of the Southwest in Midland, Texas.

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