Larisa Crockett

Tampa, FL USA

Dear friends,
welcome to my bookstore! Here I offer you to travel without actual traveling! Isn't that wonderful! Photography is an amazing tool for that! Go on different trips around the world with me!
If you have been to any of these places, my books will remind you of the great time you have got to spend there, you can revisit those places by just flipping the pages or share them with your friends and family! May be they will put this or that destination on their Bucket List!?
If you plan to go to any of these places my books can serve as a nice visual target you are about to reach or a pictorial guide.
Besides these books can be used with therapeutic purposes creating a positive psychological effect on brain which helps in healing and also has a calming effect on those in need. The sequence of beautiful landscapes does its job.

Boeken door Larisa Crockett