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BJ Cary
chairmanbj Papillion, NE
From the book: My name is BJ Cary and I'm a photographer living in Papillion, Nebraska. In 2008 I received a degree in Photography from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha. On the heels of that, I received a degree in English from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2011. Two of my biggest influences have been Minor White and J.R.R. Tolkien. White was focussed on capturing the ineffable with photography. He wanted the photographer to feel what he or she was trying to capture, and to see beyond what was being looked at. Tolkien's concern was using something he loved, the creation of languages, to fashion a timeless tale. He decided on Myth as a vehicle for accomplishing that purpose. Photography is my vehicle. It is the medium I hope to use in order to tell the kind of stories that I feel are meaningful, that are timeless.

Datum van publicatie  06 jan 2012

Afmetingen  Standaard liggend  40 pags Kwaliteitspapier, glanzende afwerking

Categorie  Kunstfotografie

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BTW wordt toegevoegd bij de kassa.


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